At the end of the year the Greek Hankimuye organization will host a seminar with instructor Klaas Barends (6th dan) in Athens. Klaas has been invited to teach hankimuye from December 24 until 27. If you would like to spend your Christmas days a bit different, feel free to join. The seminars are open to all those who are interested.

For Klaas it is the third time to visit Athens. In 2009 and 2011 Klaas taught at hankido seminars in Greek capital before.

Hankimuye Greece

Recently a new hankimuye group started in Athens under the guidance of Alkiviadis  Konstantopoulos. Alkiviadis is a student of the late master Michaelis Rozakis and Alkiviadis also studied under master Ko Baek-yong. When master Ko Sehwan visited Europe in October of this year Alkiviadis joined the seminars and reconnected with the World Hankimuye Federation.

Seminar schedule

If you are interested in joining the seminars you can contact Alkiviadis directly either by email or whatsapp. The Greek hankimuye group has begun building a website to inform people of their future activities.

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