For master Ko it was the second visit to the school of Pedro Campillo. On Thursday there was a little bit of time for sightseeing, but the rest of the weekend was packed with seminars. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday several sessions were taught. The group on Mallorca started seven years when master Ko Baek-yong introduced hankimuye at the invitation of Pedro. For master Ko Sehwan it was the second time to teach the group. Three members were given the opportunity to test for their first degree (dan) black belt. Paco, Sonia and Pep passed their tests and can thus boast that they were the first Mallorcans who ever test for their first dan hankimuye on the island.


From Greece Alkiviadis Konstantopoulous joined the seminars. He has recently reopened his school in Athens and will soon start teaching hankimuye classes. His school joined our federation and is thus the first hankimuye school in Greece. We are glad to have Alkivadis onboard with us.

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